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Keep Out! – Backflow Protection for your Basement

A sudden downpour puts a basement at risk of a water backup problem. To prevent this possibility, install a backflow valve in your basement.

What is a backflow valve?

A backflow valve (sometimes called a backwater or sewer backup valve) is a device you install on your sewer line. It’s designed to allow water or sewage to flow one way, out of your home. Sudden and or heavy rainfall can overwhelm a city’s sewer lines causing water and/or sewage to flow towards your home. If you have a backflow valve in place, it will not be able to enter. Required by some Municipalities and recommended by others, a backflow valve can be installed at the time of construction or retrofitted. You can check to see if your valve is working by looking through the clear cover on the access box. There’s a flap that, when closed, allows water to exit your home. If there is a flow back into your house, floaters beside the flap cause it to lift. When liquid is no longer flowing toward your home, the flap falls back into the open position. Hire a professional to do the installation. He will obtain any necessary permits and ensure your valve is properly placed.

How do I maintain my backflow valve?

Check your valve annually. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. Wear rubber gloves and use a long handled brush to scrub around and under the flap. Remove the cover to allow quick cleaning.  Rinse away debris and make sure all moving parts are working. Check the O-ring on the lid to ensure a proper seal. Inspect the floats beside the flap and replace if necessary. To keep your system functioning properly, do not flush wipes or diaper liners. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your valve, call a plumber to do the inspection. With proper maintenance, a valve will last many years. 

Put your mind at ease. Install and maintain a backflow valve to help avoid basement flooding and damage.     For all your basement renovation needs, call the Calgary basement experts, Econo Basements at (403) 768-0256 or email at Take advantage of their knowledge, skill and experience.