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Basement Storage Ideas

Is your basement a dumping ground for seldom used sports gear, outdated furniture, an overflow of books, infrequently used toys, Christmas decorations and family memorabilia? Do you spend hours of time trying to locate an object you know is somewhere in the jumble? The following suggestions will help you maximize and organize your basement storage. 

  • Clear the clutter: Before you decide upon storage solutions, sort through the contents of your basement. Create four piles; donate, sell, throw away and keep. Once the clutter is sorted, you will have a better idea of how much storage you require and what solutions might work for you.
  • Consider where and what kind of storage: Do you have a separate space that can be dedicated to storage? Do you need to create storage solutions in the family room, an extra bedroom or the laundry room? Do your articles require ventilation or do they need to be in air tight containers? Do you want to tuck articles out of sight or do you wish to display objects?
  • Shelving is a simple and effective storage solution. Opt for rust proof metal units, plastic or wire shelving as wooden shelves are less adapted for a damp basement. For beautiful and functional storage, consider built in shelves. Open shelves can be used to display books, music CD’s, and collectibles while closed shelves conceal toys, cleaning supplies and more. 
  • Plastic totes are sturdier than cardboard boxes, waterproof, stackable and fit on most styles of shelving. Clear totes allow you to see what’s inside. Labels can help you quickly find articles.
  • Baskets conceal clutter, fit on most shelving systems, can hold awkward shaped items and allow air movement for objects that require ventilation.
  • Media hubs are both practical and attractive. Closed portions hide cords, remotes, and electronics while open shelves are perfect for CD’s, books, DVD’s, games, knick-knacks and keepsakes. 
  • Under the stairs storage (closet or shelves) is a practical way to use an underutilized space.
  • Ceiling mounted shelves or overhead racks are a great way to store awkward shaped or long items such as skis, ladders, surfboards, luggage, coolers, and seasonal decorations.
  • Peg boards are a great place to hang garden tools, sewing essentials, painting equipment, seldom used kitchen items, cleaning supplies, and hand tools.
  • Lockers (new or repurposed) can be used to hide seasonal clothing, sporting equipment and gardening tools. 
  • Hooks or wall pegs can be used to store extra coats, clothing, and sports gear. Heavy duty hooks will hold bicycles, tools and folding chairs.
  • A dresser with several drawers can organize craft supplies, sewing essentials, seasonal clothing or small toys.
  • Furniture with hidden storage (end table, bench, ottoman, coffee table) is useful for organizing clutter.
  • Cubbies (small, open, boxlike compartments) help children organize toys and art supplies. They can keep shoes in order or be used to display collectibles.
  • Floor to ceiling storage cabinets hide clutter and provide a finished look to a storage area.
  • A sliding barn door or a curtain looks good while concealing the clutter on open shelves. 
  • Rollout shelves and sliding bypass units can make efficient use of your basement wall space. 

Stop hunting through the clutter! Use clever ideas to organize your overflow items in a basement storage area. When you’re ready to create the basement storage room of your dreams, call the Calgary basement experts, Econo Basements at (403) 768-0256 or email at

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