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Best Basement Paint Colors for 2022

Basements are often perceived as dark and cold hideaways in homes that aren’t welcoming. Basements are often left unfinished, bare and are often used for storage purposes. Away are the days where basements reflect cold dark dungeons because Econo Basements is here to change this narrative completely. Do you have an unfinished basement that is in need of a renovation and a fresh coat of paint? Well look no further than Econo Basements, and hear us out on our opinion for the best basement paint colors for 2022.

When it comes to choosing the best paint color for your basement, its important to consider how much natural light you get into your basement. The less natural light, the lighter the paint swatch should be to mimic a bright welcoming space. The more natural light your basement receives the more choice you have when it comes to selecting a color for your basement. White and cream are the most popular color choices for a basement because it emits a welcoming feeling to a space that is often overlooked. If you’re looking to experiment beyond white or cream consider ash grey, pale yellow or perhaps navy blues to change the dynamic of your basement suite.

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