Build Your Dream Secondary Basement Suite

Calgary: Update on Secondary Suites

Econo Basements is your local, go to Basement Renovations Company. We can help you design and develop your secondary basement suite or improve your existing basement layout. Before we discuss your basement renovations, it is vital to understand basement building code in Calgary. Did you know, as of March 12, 2018, the City of Calgary voted and approved new amendments to the Land Use Bylaw that allow secondary suits as discretionary use within R-1, R-C1, and R-C1L land use districts? We can ensure your development complies with our new, local bylaws and ensure it looks great too!

Build Codes: Safety First

Our team at Econo Basements takes all safety building code seriously; our team and ensures all measures are incorporated into secondary basement builds. If you are interested in revamping your basement into a suite, it is important to remember that each bedroom needs to have at least one window that can be opened from the inside, without the use of keys, tools or any specific knowledge, and that any person should be able to fit through the window which must be left unobstructed in case of an emergency. It’s details like this that can really make the difference in planning your space and ensuring it meets the standards for safety and comfortable living conditions.

Secondary Suites: What they Offer the Community

Econo Basements cares about the homeowner, the community and all people. As a homeowner of a secondary suite there are numerous advantages. For example, you can benefit from the additional income secondary suites generate which can contribute to help pay down your mortgage. For people in Calgary, secondary basement suites provide sought-after and affordable living options. As a community feature, secondary units sustain growth and can help rejuvenate an older community, inviting in younger generations, allowing seniors and empty nesters to make better use of their unused space while staying in their community they know and love.

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Secondary Suites: Kitchens For Your Entertainment Dreams

Following the trend of open concept, simple, and luxurious living, our secondary basement suite designs will revamp your basement dreams. One essential element for every secondary suite is definitely the kitchen. Make sure you discuss kitchen planning in the beginning in order to have your electrical and plumbing finalized accordingly. Secondly, Econo Basements will also discuss ventilation, as cooking fumes and odours need to be disbursed. You do not want to trap these smells in your basement suite. Trapped orders and fumes also increase concern for fire hazards and false fire alarm alerts. Econo Basements puts safety first above any design; we never take safety for granted. Our technicians will explain basement building code with you ensuring safety comes first, all a part of building the basement kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Once building code is finalized, the fun part begins where you begin to narrow down what you truly need in your secondary basement kitchen for appliances. You have the options of endless appliances, and from that, you have multiple brands, price points and design. Check out our future blogs for additional appliance suggestions so that we can help pick the right ones for your suite.