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Creative ways to use the Space beneath the Basement Stairs

You’ve decided to renovate your basement. You’re determined to make the best use of the square footage so you’ve planned a storage room, a guest bedroom and a family room. Have you considered how you’ll utilize that neglected space beneath the stairs? With a little creativity, this compact space can be transformed, increasing your home’s functionality and beauty. Consider the following innovative ideas!

  • Covert laundry room: Add wiring, an electric socket and a cabinet and you have the perfect spot for those bulky appliances. Hide them behind an attractive bi-fold door.
  • Coat closet: Out of season jackets, coats and ski pants can be concealed yet close at hand in a closet beneath the stairs. 
  • Pantry: With a few shelves, a lick of paint and an attractive door, that tiny spot under the stairs will store those extra bags, boxes and cans of food bought in bulk or on sale.
  • Pet refuge: Give your pet a space to call his own. Place a pet bed, food dish and water bowl beneath the basement stairs. Add a gate and drawers to store treats and toys.
  • Lounge area: With the addition of a simple bench, throw pillows and a blanket, you can create a cozy seating space that acts as the perfect place to curl up with a good book or your morning cup of coffee. 
  • Home office: Build in shelves and a compact desk. Add a reading light, office chair and laptop and you have the perfect home office and/or homework site.
  • Kid’s corner: Create a hobbit-sized playroom beneath the stairs. Complete it with a miniature door. Or, cover the space with bright chalk paint, add cozy carpeting, include some throw pillows and you have a play area for the little ones.
  • Wine storage: Need a place to store those extra bottles? With the addition of a wine rack, that space beneath the stair is the perfect spot.
  • Book nook: You don’t need four walls and a door to create a library. Install a bookcase and/or a grid of cubbies for storing your books in an orderly fashion. 
  • Storage drawers: Always short on storage space? Built in drawers underneath your staircase may be the answer. 
  • Linen cupboard: Stow away extra sheets, blanket, pillowcases, beach towels, and washcloths without using the precious storage space in your bathroom. Construct a simple linen closet beneath the stairs.
  • Display area: Do you or your family have a collection but no place to show it off? A shelving unit under the stairs is the perfect place to display those keepsakes in a beautiful way.
  • Overflow catch-all: Build a personal cubby for each family member to store their “overflow” or large and bulky items.
  • Built in bar: Like to entertain? Install a custom bar complete with shelves, counter and sink.
  • Media console: Tuck your TV, DVD player and gaming systems on built in shelfs under the stairs.
  • Day bed: Add a cot, pillows and blankets to create a comfortable area for a nap.
  • Shoe storage: Store the overflow of shoes, boots, sandals and runners in a shoe rack beneath the stairs.
  • Artful display: Place a striking piece, a whimsical object or an antique in this compact space to create a miniature art gallery.
  • Charging station: Make the space under the stairs a designated charging station for smartphones, smart watches and other electronic devices.
  • Green zone: Liven up your basement with a grow light and an assortment of plants artfully arranged beneath the steps.
  • Fire supplies: Have a wood burner in your basement? Store wood and kindling under the stairs. 
  • Powder room: There is just enough space to create a small powder room (toilet and sink) under the stairs for when you have guests or for those who spend a lot of time in the basement family room.
  • Bike rack: Get those bikes out of the way! Install a bike rack and hang them under the stairs. Add hooks for helmets, water bottles, the tire pump and other biking equipment. 

What are you waiting for? Dust off the tools and put on your thinking cap! Turn the unused space beneath your basement stairs into something magical. Tricky? Yes! But it’s fun to explore the potential of this unusual square footage.