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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Remodelling Your Basement

Remodelling your basement can be a daunting process, and without the proper knowledge, many mistakes can be made. Let Econo Basements help you plan the perfect basement or garage development. The talented Econo Basements team will do the work for you and plan your basement development with the highest standard of quality.

Continue reading to learn about some common mistakes that are made without professional assistance when developing your basement. To contact Econo Basements for a free quote click the link here.

Mistake #1: Ignorance is Bliss, but not for your Basement Renovation

The first step when planning to renovate your basement is never to ignore the existing condition of the foundation. A dry basement is essential in order to begin the following stages of your project. Ignoring this crucial stage will cause a domino effect of problems in the future. Econo Basements will assess your foundation ensuring there are no cracks and condensation issues.

Did you know that cracks less than 1/2” can be repaired with a concrete-patching compound? Econo Basements takes this first stage seriously and will not proceed until we are satisfied with the condition of the foundation. So, what will happen if the condition of the foundation is ignored before basement development?

There are many different types of foundation cracks, and they all mean something different. Over time and especially in Calgary with such drastic weather changes the concrete is subject to shrinkage and expansion, which in turn causes cracks. Horizontal cracks are typically due to a wall bowing inward where stress is applied. In comparison, diagonal cracks are usually caused by the earth pushing against the basement wall. Stress on foundation walls is also caused by drought, flooding, improperly prepared soil, roots from plants, freezing and thawing, poor construction or changes to nearby ground.

Econo Basements wants to make your basement development as simple as possible while providing the best quality and service. Reviewing your foundation is a necessity, and often it is affordable to fix.

Mistake #2: Incorrect Materials

Once the foundation is sealed dry, Econo Basements will select the correct waterproofing materials for your basement. Trusting professionals puts your mind at ease knowing we are picking the right product for you, ensuring longevity of your basement and budget. Econo Basements dedicates time researching what is right for you while you sit back and relax knowing your basement development is being completed by a certified journeyman.

Some incorrect materials include using fibreglass against concrete walls. Using fibreglass against concrete walls will promote mold growth and additional moisture that needs to be prevented. Instead, Econo Basements recommends using a closed cell spray foam or XPS foam board to provide the best insulation for you. Any paper coating on standard drywall will also hold moisture, so we recommend using below-grade, mold resistant gypsum board.

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Mistake #3: Not Having an Emergency Sump Pump

Water continues to seep downwards whether that's from snow runoff or the occasional Calgary downpour. Econo Basements suggests having a sump pump nearby after your basement renovation is finished. We want your basement to stay in pristine condition and having a sump pump will bring you that peace of mind.

The best sump pump that Econo Basements recommends is a battery powered one in order to continue the pumping if the power goes out during a downpour. Econo Basements cares about the longevity, safety and care of your basement development. We provide transparent, honest and only the best advice for our customers. Want to hear what our customers are saying about us? Read our testimonials page here!

Mistake #4: Not Soundproofing Your Basement

Soundproofing your basement is highly recommended by Econo Basements and is necessary when developing your basement in order to have the quality you have always dreamed of.

Many DIY basement renovations skip this step, and you can tell immediately. The humdrum of your furnace, fridge, children’s video games or movie theatre will cause frustrations. Econo Basements will soundproof your basement the right way to ensure you can have that business call without hearing music blaring from the basement.

We have seen many home renovations DIY gone wrong when the homeowners ignore the importance of soundproofing. It is a critical step and needs to be considered during the renovation process. It is possible to soundproof after the renovations have been completed, but this route will incur expensive repairs.

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