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Growing Your Family, Growing Your Home

The Basement as a Family Space

A new baby is on the way. Your children are growing and they want their own rooms. Grandma is moving in so you can help with her care. Your job situation has changed and you now work from home. You need more space! Is it time to move or is there a way you can create more useable space in your present home? Your basement may be the answer. With little more than a fuse box, a water heater, a furnace and some storage bins, the basements of many homes are a source of untapped and accessible square footage. Developing your basement may be a way to cope with your family’s changing needs without having to move.  

What do I put in my basement?

It’s important to determine what your home is missing. Are you running out of room for the children’s toys or are the kids getting underfoot when they play? Develop a children’s play room. Do your parents or friends often come to stay for extended periods of time? Create a guest bedroom. Do you have older kids who no longer wish to share a bedroom? Build one or two private rooms. Is someone in the family committed to fitness? An exercise room with equipment may be in your plans.  Are craft materials scattered everywhere? Your little crafters may appreciate a room with drawers and cubbies for their supplies. Do your teens need a space to hang out with their friends? A video game center, a ping pong table, or a place to play billiards may be possible. Do you want a space for the family to gather to play games or watch TV? Multipurpose family rooms are a common choice for a basement space. Do you need shelves for a growing library? Does someone in your family work from home or do you need a homework space for students? A corner room with a desk, bookshelves and storage may address all your requirements. Your answers to these questions will determine how best to convert your empty concrete expanse into extra living space for your family.

Call a professional:

You’ve decided what you want in your finished basement. You’ve even drawn up a tentative plan. Now what? Call a professional. There are many hurdles that a professional contractor can help you sort out. A damp floor, poor or no natural lighting, and low ceiling height are all problems that a professional can address. They will know what to do with exposed plumbing, stone foundation walls and central posts. A professional contractor will apply for a building permit and understand the local building codes/regulations. Do you need soundproofing? Your contractor will have advice. Is it possible to install a bathroom? Ask the professional.Do you want a simple upgrade or complete renovation? Is your budget large or small? Econo Basements offers quality workmanship and ensures you get the most out of your basement transformation. Offering a 5 year warranty on all work done, Econo Basements complies with Alberta’s building codes, does a free one year inspection and will even help you finance your basement modifications. Call them at (403) 768-0256 or email at