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Why Invest in Custom Cabinets for your Secondary Suite

A basement secondary suite is a great abode for an aging parent or a good source of rental income. It also increases the resale value of your home. Some experts recommend that you install custom cabinets in your basement suite. Aren’t they more expensive than premade cabinets? Is this really a good choice? There are a number of reasons why custom cabinets are an appropriate choice for your secondary suite. 

Built to fit:

Stock cabinets are designed in a limited number of standard measurements. Basement spaces rarely come in standard sizes! Custom cabinets can be built in any size you need allowing you to take advantage of every inch of your basement space. Install them on the walls of the kitchen, underneath the stairs, and in that unused triangular corner. Build drawers to the width and depth you require and order a custom multimedia cupboard. Want to use that extra head room? Order extra tall cabinetry. Install custom cabinets in the bathroom, entry and laundry room of your basement to provide ample storage in a limited space.

Built to last:

Custom cabinets are hand made using quality materials while stock cabinetry emerges from an assembly line and is usually constructed from particle board. Stock cabinets utilize inexpensive glue and nails while custom cupboards are assembled using dowels or mortise-and-tenons. Though you pay more for this craftsmanship, your cabinets will last for a long time and look great! 

Environmentally friendly:

When you purchase stock cabinets you can’t be sure where the materials were sourced or what kind of ecological footprint they have. With custom cabinets you have a choice of wood, including local or domestic woods that reduce the impact on the environment. You can even utilize recycled wood. When you order custom cabinets, you can choose water-based stains and less toxic paint and solvent.

Pre-made cabinets are cheap and easy but are inefficient at using space, made from inferior materials and less attractive. Custom cabinets make the best use of space, are made with quality materials and add a beautiful look to your secondary suite.

If you have questions regarding custom cabinets or basement secondary suites, call the Calgary basement experts, Econo Basements at (403) 768-0256 or email at These professionals will help you design and build a secondary suite that is both beautiful and functional.