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Put some heat under your Feet!

Do you need slippers when you watch a movie in your basement family room? Are wool socks as important as the controller when you’re in the basement games room? Do you sit under a blanket in your basement office or have an extra heater running when you spend time in your basement man cave? It may be time to install heating in the floor. This simple renovation will create a space that’s comfortable, cozy and welcoming. It’s also energy efficient, reduces basement humidity/moisture, puts an end to mold and fungus, does away with obstructive radiators/pipes and reduces dust circulation. With all these advantages, how can you resist! The only decision you have to make is what type of floor heating system is right for you.

  • Hydronic (liquid) radiant basement floor heating systems circulate water through plastic pipes installed directly in the concrete. Warmth seeps through the cement heating the room and a thermostat controls the flow of heat to each zone. Hydronic heating is best for new home construction, is expensive to install and requires a licensed technician. However it provides constant even heat, is quiet, is free of air currents, eradicates dust movement and can be used in conjunction with forced air heating, baseboard heaters, water heating, a wood stove or a water boiler. 
  • Electric radiant basement floor heating systems are installed above the concrete slab and below the finished floor. They can be used beneath carpet, wood, tile, stone and vinyl and are perfect for homes where the concrete floor is already in place. Easy to install, they can be placed by the homeowner though the final electrical hook-up must be completed by a licenced electrician. Electric radiant heating is energy efficient, doesn’t distribute allergens and is less costly than hydronic heating but you need to make sure that your home meets the electrical requirements (15 or 20 amp circuit) to run the system.
  • Floor heating mats have cables (to provide the heat) and a fabric backing (to reduce slippage). They are thin, easy to install, energy efficient, programmable, locate the heat exactly where you need it (in front of the couch, by the bed, next to the toilet), come with a 5 to 10 year warranty and generate no electromagnetic field. However, a covering must be placed over the mats (throw rug, carpet, tile, laminate, etc.) and they need additional wiring. 

Maximize the potential of your basement space. Install floor heating and turn your basement it into a warm, cozy retreat. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages to decide which type of floor heating is right for you. Your feet will thank you!For all your basement renovation needs, call the Calgary basement experts, Econo Basements at (403) 768-0256 or email at