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Tips For Designing Your Basement Bar

Are you currently in the works of drafting your dream basement renovation? Have you considered the addition of a basement bar and are looking for advice? If so, you have come to the right place to uncover unique information about designing a basement bar. The Econo Basements team is experts in building and making your visions become a reality. Pitch to us your concept and our team will ensure that your desires are created.

Just like how all other aspects of your home are designed, a basement bar should reflect your lifestyle and personal style. Creating spaces that match your lifestyle will just make these spaces more enjoyable and encourage you to spend time in them as well. When implementing a basement bar it’s important to consider if you wanted to include a game room. A game room and a basement bar is a common choices in many houses. Determining this prior to construction means the location of the bar can be more creative and interactive.

Get those bottles out of the closet, kitchen cabinet, and from under the stairs! Have fun creating a customized space in your basement for storing and displaying your wine collection. When you’re ready to turn that empty space in your basement into a functioning space, call the Calgary basement experts, Econo Basements at (403) 768-0256 or email We can help you maximize storage, cut costs and make a space that is perfect for your home.