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Turn Your Basement into a Games Room

Would you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your kids are in a safe, controlled environment? Do you want to spend more time with your family? Would you like to invite friends over to watch the big game or play ping pong? It may be time to transform your unfinished basement into a games room. 

A basement games room is a place for relaxing and socializing. If well planned, this space can meet the needs of all family members. Adults and kids can play a variety of games. Dad can use it as a man cave to retreat from daily stresses. A games room is great for family bonding or to entertain friends. It’s an effective way to keep your teens at home. Just be ready to supply snacks and drinks to a gaggle of their classmates! With so many benefits, it’s a wonder you have gone so long without a basement games room!

Ideally, a basement games room is a combination of comfort and technology. It’s versatile and inviting. To achieve this, there are many things to consider and a need for planning. 

  • Soundproofing is essential for keeping the noise of your video games from disturbing the neighbors and to improve the sound quality inside your games room. If your basement is unfinished, start with R11 insulation in the walls and apply 1/8” foam tape to the wall studs and ceiling joists. Consider finishing with a sound-dampening drywall. If this specialty gypsum is not in your budget or you already have regular drywall, add sound dampening materials to the walls such as high-density vinyl, lightweight acoustic boards, or thin carpeting. Soundproofing curtains are also helpful. For the ceiling, consider a second layer of insulation, use acoustic tiles or install fiberglass ceiling panels. For the floor, use a plush carpet.
  • Wiring: A major problem when establishing a basement games room is dealing with tangled gizmos and unorganized wires. To prevent this, set all wires under the carpet, behind the shelves or connect them together using top quality extension cable. 
  • Wi-Fi: If you can’t get Wi-Fi signals directly from your router, use a signal booster to extend the signal to your basement or install a “wired” internet connection. Online video players should use a wireless network that connects directly to their console to provide a connection that is stable and free of buffering.
  • Lighting: A great basement games room requires a large screen. To emphasize this centerpiece, install ambient background lights on the baseboards, the ceiling and behind the screen. Try track lighting or pendant lights to illuminate the pool table, dart board or the area used for board games. Install a dimmer switch so you can adjust lights to your liking.
  • Leave a cozy area: Games rooms aren’t only for fast-paced video games. Make your basement games room a cozy, laid back destination by including comfortable seating, soft blankets and throw pillows. This will encourage your family to play dice, card and board games
  • Incorporate those posts: Don’t struggle with your basement’s vertical support posts. Incorporate them into your look. Try covering them in wood or stone. Build a wraparound table at the base. Use them as part of a built in storage shelf or make them the end posts of a counter. Cover them in carpet or use furniture placement to deal with them.
  • Furniture: This is a room that will be well used so make sure you provide a variety of seating options.  Purchase only the most comfortable chairs and sofas. Consider the addition of one or two specialized gaming chairs. Don’t forget a table suitable for board and card games.
  • Leave open space: Virtual reality is one of the most exciting gaming trends. Leave a dedicated open space in your basement games room for VR gaming or stage your game room with easy to move furniture. Consider also using this open space for physical games such as foursquare or hop-scotch. 
  • Storage: Keep your space clutter free by installing cabinets, shelves and cubbies to organize and store video, board, card and dice games.
  • Décor: Complete your basement games room with vibrant décor. Choose a futuristic, minimalist, retro, or arcade style. Try a sports, superhero or racing theme. Include figurines and posters from your favourite movies, TV shows and video games. Cover the walls with neon lights, graffiti or street art. Make this space uniquely yours!
  • Find a contractor: Before you begin renovating, find a contractor who specializes in basement renovation. Talk to him about your ideas and your overall vision for your games room. He will help you build a basement games room uniquely suited to you and your loved ones.

Your basement games room may contain a pool table, a pinball machine, a poker table, a space for virtual reality activities, and board games. You may have a dart board, a ping pong table, or even a mini bowling alley! Whatever you include, the basement games room is a place for the whole family and a great way to utilize your basement space. 

To transform your basement into a vibrant and versatile games room, trust the Calgary basement experts, Econo Basements. Call them at (403) 768-0256 or email info@econobasements.ca.

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