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What Makes a Basement a Great Man Cave?

The man cave; a place in which a man can relax and pursue his hobbies, a space away from the family where the male of the household can find much needed me-time. There are many areas of a home that can be used for this retreat, but the basement is the perfect choice.

So what makes the basement such a great option for a man cave?

  • Separate space: The basement is often completely separate from the rest of the house. This allows maximum possibility for a man to find the privacy and freedom from distraction that he craves. A door (and perhaps a lock) on the stairs that access the basement space will guarantee complete solitude!
  • Quiet space: If you ensure that your basement is well sound-proofed, it becomes the perfect place for a man to escape the racket of the kids and contain the noise of his music, gaming system, or big screen TV.
  • Usable space: With the exception of the laundry and furnace rooms, a basement is often a large open canvas for a man’s designs and desires. There is plenty of room for his hobbies and collectibles.
  • Manly space: Because a basement man cave is separate from the family’s daily living area, it may be the only part of the home where a man has complete control over the décor and furnishings! The basement location opens numerous possibilities for creative design. Many man caves may contain a wide screen TV, a surround sound system, video game consoles, and a leather recliner. Sometimes there’s even room for a dart board and pool table, wet bar, neon signs and hard earned trophies. Why not go big and add a wine cellar and a fireplace! A man can choose to create a cozy spot, go for a vintage look or incorporate sleek and modern design.

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