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Basement Development Cost – Calgary

At Econo Basements, the most common we get asked is: “How much does a basement development cost in Calgary?” It’s no surprise that the cost of a basement development can vary greatly depending on what you are looking for, and what your basement development budget is.

Most of our basement developments cost anywhere from $40k to $100k, however, this does not mean that is how much your basement development will cost. There are many luxury add-ons to basements that we see frequently that will drastically increase costs, such as home theatres, gas fireplaces, and heated floors. We will go over all the factors that contribute to the cost of a basement development, and how you can get a free basement quote with Econo Basements.

We Provide Free Basement Development Cost Estimates

There are many factors that influence the cost of a basement development in Calgary, and at Econo Basements we believe no two homes are the same. Your house is not just the house you live in, it is a home where you will make cherished memories, and where you create a comfortable space to relax every day after work. This is why we put ample time into the basement development process and work closely with you to determine what you want in your basement.

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Basic Factors That Influence Basement Development Cost

Now let’s go over the factors that contribute to the basement development cost in Calgary. There are many factors that contribute to a basement development cost in Calgary; from the cost of labor to plumbing and electrical, we will break it all down for you in this post.

Labor Costs

Basement development demands nearly as many contractors and tradesmen as constructing an entire house. The project requires an electrician for wiring and lighting, HVAC specialists for heating enhancements, framing experts for walls and bulkheads, drywall professionals for walls and ceilings, installation of new doors and trim, flooring experts, painters, and much more.

Because of the large crew you will need, labor costs report anywhere from 10 to 60 percent of the entire basement development cost, depending on which company you choose. While that may seem like a lot, it is important to use professional basement contractors because they will act as project managers. They will walk you through the

Legal Basement Cost

The cost of a legal basement will be more than a standard basement development. You are required to follow certain guidelines and have specific permits, set by the City Of Calgary. Windows have to be a certain height, there must be separate heating and ventilation, and you need multiple permits which also cost money to apply for, and time to fill out documentation for.

Adding A Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your basement development is very common, but can be a pricy addition depending on the size and materials used. Plumbing can be expensive and the bathroom requires a lot of it. You should expect to spend at least a few grand on adding a bathroom.


Perhaps the most important part of a basement development is that it will determine how the entire basement will look and feel.

You have many choices for basement flooring, you can go with hardwood flooring, however, you will need to ensure there is no water infiltration or humidity issues. We generally recommend staying away from hardwood because basements tend to be prone to excess moisture. Hardwood flooring is more expensive and can vary greatly depending on the company and the quality of wood used.

Another option for flooring is carpet for comfort and to muffle sounds. This is generally a more cost-effective option.


As we touched on in the bathroom section, plumbing can be expensive. If you install both a kitchen and bathroom, the price will be even higher because more time and materials will need to be invested.

Drywall and Framing

Using quality drywall installation is important to factor into your basement development cost. It is (essentially) fireproof and adds soundproofing. The higher the price, the more soundproofing it will offer, along with higher fire resistance.

Electrical Features

Since a basement has less natural light due to the smaller windows, you will need proper lighting. More lighting means more wiring and materials which means a higher cost.

Ceiling Height

You can expect to pay a little more for your basement development if your ceiling is higher. You will need more framing, drywall, paint, and wiring to cover additional space.

Additional Basement Development Costs

We have now covered the basic costs for a basement development in Calgary such as plumbing, drywall, and flooring. Now you have the basic necessities to consider your basement “complete”. However, most people want to add more customization to their basement such as a man cave, floor heating, and fireplaces. It is often hard to get an estimate for these basement add-ons because every owner’s needs are different and every basement is different.

Custom Fireplace

If you would like to add a fireplace to your basement you have the choice between gas and electrical. A gas fireplace will have a natural flame and will heat a large space, along with costing less to maintain. An electrical fireplace is ideal if you aren’t worried about kids or pets running into the fireplace, don’t have high electrical costs, and don’t care for a natural-looking flame.

Home Theatre

While we would love to give an estimate for adding a home theatre to your basement development cost, we can’t. Home theatres come in many shapes in sizes, from choices of sound systems, televisions, and furnishings. At Econo Basements, we love our home theatre systems and we think they’re worth it if you’re willing to put at least a few grand into it.

Man Cave / Gaming Room

Let’s start off by saying your man cave can cost as much as you want to invest in it. And you don’t necessarily need a basement contractor to help you with building your man cave. If you want to have a large gaming setup with RGB lights that’s probably something you can do yourself. However, if you want a custom design or custom woodworking, you may want to splurge some money and invest in a basement contractor company.

Floor Heating

Staying warm in Calgary’s freezing cold winter’s is important to most home owners. 20% of potential home buyers say that floor heating is a desired luxury when searching for and buying a new home, so why not add it into yours? It can cost anywhere from $8-$20 per sq ft, along with the miniscule electricity costs to run the heating.

Is The Cost Of Basement Development Worth It?

Basement development is a great investment whether it is to invest in your home or your happiness. If you are able to afford it, it can increase your home value, and allow you to rent out the basement for additional passive income. For every $1000 you spend on your basement, you are increasing your home value by $700, and with the rising prices of homes in Calgary, it’ll pay for itself in no time!

Hiring The Right Basement Development Company

When completing a basement development you need a reliable company like Econo Basements. We have amazing client testimonials and 4.7 stars on Google. We are a reputable basement company in Calgary and will walk you through the entire process, along with the basement development costs.

We offer free on-site quotes that you can request by filling out this form, and the best part? If you’re not satisfied with us or our prices then there is no commitment or obligations required. Start building your dream basement today.